Monday, June 29, 2009

Hey Howdy and How Do You Do?

It's been awhile, hasn't it?

But I had to break away. It was a need to define my writing processes, and put to use what I discovered.

I learned some pretty pertinent stuff, like that I write better when I edit as I go - that is, take time to really make sure I'm saying what the story begs of me any given moment, instead of rushing through, just for the sake of getting it out no matter its quality. That works for some; I understand now, not me.

I realized it's best to keep my projects quiet. My momentum is steadier, and I hold up better to my own expectations and accountabilities than I do to those of others. That said, I've omitted the word count statuses in the sidebar, and plan to post only generically about my WIPs - at least during the creating and writing stages.

My output spikes when I write during morning hours, and if I change up my location every few weeks.

What I've always known is, my dependence on your support and encouragement is high. I couldn't write and dream if I didn't have all of you lifting me up and helping me along. And that won't change.

Have you ever taken the time to really discover who you are with your writing? What methods do you identify with?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Here's the Deal

On one hand, this lull has been great. I've enjoyed the break, the freedom from regular posts.

On the other, it's been pitiful, as I've dealt with a case of severe strep throat much of the time I've been away. And I've missed everyone!

But I've been doing a lot of thinking in the down time, and have come to the decision that I need a longer hiatus from Something She Wrote. It's important for me to pull myself away.

Right now, for me, it needs to be less about connecting, less about sharing my thoughts, and more about the craft. More about doing and working and honing. As much as I'll miss everyone, I have to disconnect and throw myself into my work. Try that whole solitary thing out.

For my long-time followers - this isn't the end. I'll be back, so don't give up on me! Please, don't give up on me.

For new followers and anyone just stopping by - I hope this won't turn you off. Feel free to look around, check my archives. I'm confident you'll find something worthwhile.

I wish everyone the best, and hope you understand my doing this. I don't know what kind of time frame to give you, but it won't be forever. I just have to get my writing on course. And right now, I have to draw it out of myself, by myself.

Love and blessings,