Sunday, January 15, 2012

After much contemplation I've decided to step away from Something She Wrote indefinitely. I have reasons, good reasons, and while it's not quite fair to have been so big on keeping it real but not expose my thinking to you now, I'll simply say that it's time for me to take the quiet path for a while.

I'll be leaving the blog public, so there's access to the archives. A lot of stuff, when I look back through my blogging history, embarrasses me, but there are some quality posts, too.

Maybe there's room for a resurrection in the future.

But either way, this doesn't mean I'm giving up on writing. It's just I'm both reconfiguring and rerouting my path.

I don't want to lose touch entirely, so if you'd like, e-mail me once in a while, and I promise I'll reply. Or, you can find me on Facebook.

Thank you all for everything. This blog and its readers--you who I have connected with--have been a defining part of me for four and a half years.

Thank you.

Love and best wishes always,