Wednesday, December 18, 2019

All I Want for Christmas - a DV poem

Dedicated to Domestic Abuse Survivors 

I do want a lot for Christmas
But it’s not too much to ask
Because I’m learning what I’m worth
And that I have innate value (at last)

First on my list is the freedom to be me
Without criticism or argument
Able to be and do and think on my own
Since I’m not someone else’s puppet

Second is room to grow, Santa
Because I’ve been held back for too long
It’s time for me to thrive
Without feeling like it’s wrong

It won’t be easy and will take some practice 
Not to be selfless the way I’ve been conditioned
But they say self-care is a must
So next comes my own prioritization

Also on my list is peace
No more anxiety - peace in my heart
No more eggshells - peace in environment
It’s time for calm, a fresh start

Related to peace is clarity, I mean of boundaries
Which are my rules for do and don’t
And the strength for me to abide by them
Especially when other people won’t

I want to breathe freely, and deep
And know that from here forward I get to decide
Who has permission to hurt me
I’m ready to test my voice: “go ahead, I dare you. try”

I want to laugh when something is funny
From way down, a real place
Not because I have to pretend I’m okay
With jokes at my expense

I want to trust myself
That I’m capable, smart, whole
That there is life beyond my trauma
And that there is good, better in store

I’ll need the bruises to fade,
Santa, and for the wounds to heal
But I’m okay with scars, since they remind me
That what I went through was real

I’m learning the abuse was not my fault
That I am enough without apology
I’m learning I can be loved
And I will be, just for being me

So I don’t want actual presents
Health and healing are my concern
All I want for Christmas is a lot (see above) 
Because it’s everything I deserve.

by Janna Leadbetter, advocate and coach
Founder of Breaking the Silence for Women/Facebook
All I Want for Christmas | copyright December 2019