Thursday, October 27, 2011

Writing on Thursday

I write a column for the Children's Miracle Network of Greater Kansas City newsletter. This is what appears in the October issue.
“In everything give thanks.”
I’ve a blue and rustic wooden sign emblazoned with those words. In everything, it says.
We give thanks for the good of life, don’t we? The things that bring us joy. For what we want and have attained, for things that make us look and feel great. For doing well. For that which makes us laugh, what makes our hearts love, our spirits grow.
But give thanks for adversity? For disappointment? For sickness, loss, fear, heartache?
Well, yes. We should. Because it’s the adversity that makes us stronger. Disappointment pushes us forward. Loss leads to cherished memories. Heartache redirects to healing, and loving again.
It’s all of what makes us who we are.
We should be thankful for everything.
I stand by these words, even with the gamut of emotion and change in my life the last couple years.
I am thankful.
Are you?


Unknown said...

I'm working on this daily - thankful for the fatigue I feel (because the day was filled with things I needed to - and did accomplish), thankful for my tears (because I'm able to sympathize, empathize and have the presence of mind during emotional situations), and thankful for rejection (because it pushes me harder to keep on keepin' on) . . . just some examples . . . :o)

Dr. Mohamed said...

Your post prompted some self-reflection.....yes....yes, I'm grateful for everything in my life.

Kara said...

Wonderful reminder! Yes, I used to curse the days of pain, but I've come to realize that without the pain I would never fully realize the absolute joys of painfree days:)

Nikole Hahn said...

In everything...give thanks...yes...I definitley know that one. I've walked through some dark paths, but He shined a light.

Liza said...

Yes. It is the glass half-full theory. Look at these tests and tragedies and see where they have led us...if you choose to, you can always find good.

Slamdunk said...

Amen Janna. I love this advice, but recognize how hard it is to accept during the obstacle-filled portions of my life.

Anonymous said...

Very true indeed. And yes, I'm grateful for everything. Both the good AND the bad make us who we are. I wish more people saw it that way.

Sarah Allen said...

I think you're definitely right. I want a sign like that.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

graceunderpressure said...

Job told his wife, We take the good things God gives us, should we not take the bad things?
It not only makes us stronger and helps us learn to lean completely on God, but it is a sign that we are growing and that the devil is getting nervous. It is an opportunity to give thanks that while we are suffering, God is RIGHT BESIDE US!
Everything thanksgiving is followed by blessing. So give thanks!

Michelle Wells Grant said...

Ahhh, lovely. Giving thanks and gratitude is everything. The more you are grateful for, the more you have to be grateful for.
And thank you for reminding us that we can be thankful for adversity .... something we don't really think about but ... wise words.

Karen said...

Janna, giving thanks for the hard stuff is so tough. But I agree with you, that's when we can appreciate and be thankful even more so for the good things. I do have a hard time exhibiting that grace.

Diane said...

Hard to deal with at times, but certainly true. Hugs sweet friend! :O)

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Anonymous said...

God does direct us to be thankful for the hardships because they are part of our unique story that shapes and makes us be the best we can be. By keeping an attitude of thankfulness, the hardtimes are easier to endure. But it isn't alway easy! I find praise music helps me get back to a thankful state when I am lamenting endlessly.

Rhonda Schrock said...

I'm working on that. That's why I started my "Thousand Gifts" journal. Just last week, I hit #1000. It makes a difference when you train your eyes to look for traces of the divine in the every day, that's for sure!

Blessings, Janna.

Barb said...

Oh yes, I'm thankful. But I don't know if I could say that in confidence while in the midst of a trial. Well, I guess I could *say* it, but I'm not sure I'd fully mean it. It's always when we come out on the other side that we can look back and see that we are better for having gone through it. Then we can be authentically thankful.

I admire your succinct way of teaching a very important point in this post, Janna. Nice work.

Jackee said...

The happiest people I know are those who are grateful. I have to work at it. lol!

Thanks for sharing!