Monday, April 1, 2019

Hello, Beautiful! (A Book Review)

Finally Love Yourself Just As You Are: An Interactive Devotional Journal for Women

With voices both affectionate and thought-provoking, Hello, Beautiful! co-authors Jeanette Levellie and Beth Gormong jump into a clear truth.
“We’ve all known women who’ve put their husbands, children, and friends ahead of their own genuine need for value and love, only to end up mentally burned out, physically beaten up, or emotionally bruised.”
Maybe we are those women.
Maybe we don’t have to be.
Hello, Beautiful! declares, “There is a better way to a life of joy: love yourself.”
Through warm, transparent anecdotes and with their Christian faith at the helm, Beth and Jeanette reach out to the insecurities and self-doubt most of us harbor, and ask:
Why are we so hard on ourselves?
Why shouldn’t we love and accept ourselves as wholly as we love and accept our dearest friends—and even mere acquaintances?
What does it take to recognize our worth once and for all?
Follow Jeanette and Beth through story, interactive challenges, prayer prompts, Scripture review, and even coloring pages to answer these questions.
“Are you broken? If you said yes, then good for you. I say yes to brokenness too. We’re all broken in one place… or ten. And when we readily admit it, we’re on our way to finding the help we need to become whole.”

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