Friday, January 11, 2008

Calling All Erma Bombeck Wannabes

I'm so stoked! I was just visiting my friend Stacey's blog, Flibbety Gibbet, and ran across news about a fantastic writing contest. It's the annual Erma Bombeck Writing Competition!

Adored the world over and locked into history as one of the greatest columnists ever (in my mind), Erma inspired many in the ways of humor writing. I know she's who I try to emulate with my own motherhood-themed essays and quarterly column.

The guidelines for this competition are awesomely ideal, down to the requested word count, which meets my own average count for such pieces. The categories are humor and human interest. We can submit just one entry (so make it your best, people), and it must be previously unpublished. No entry fee, no age limits, yada yada. Click on the above link to see all the rules.

I'm gonna get to work on this. My mind is already working on a topic for the humor category... We have until February 17th, folks. Let's get to writin'! Good luck!


Teige Benson said...

Good luck in the contest, Janna - knock them dead!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, janna, I already did this one, but thanks for posting--reminding!