Friday, January 4, 2008

Tweakin' The Goals

Is anyone getting tired of talk about goals yet? I'm almost wearing myself out...

The forums at, which I've been a part of since September, prove to be an unending network of supportive friends and colleagues. They also serve to push me (and really, all of us collectively) to greater heights with writing. There's a particular
thread that's purpose is to note monthly goals, thus holding us accountable for what we accomplish within a (roughly) thirty day time frame. Up until now I've been too intimidated (and scared) to post there, but I got a wild hair last night and set myself up for some things I want to do in January. They are:

1) Add 10k (or more) words to my WIP
2) Brainstorm an idea for my next column (it's quarterly and not due 'til March-ish)

3) Query another local paper about a column similar to the one I already write
4) Submit to at least two anthologies (ie. Chicken Soup and the like)
5) Submit to at least three magazines

Is it common for writers to have so much on their plate? I feel like maybe I'm setting myself up to do too much, but I really do want to chase after all these dreams. And there won't be any better time, right?


Michele said...

Good for you, Janna, sharing those goals!

I think it's common for writers to have a lot on their plates because we're sending queries, submissions, brainstorming other ideas, some are writing novels or ebooks, poetry, etc. Also, there's housework...

Our plates overfloweth! :-)

Is it always healthy? Do as much as you feel comfortable with and if you feel like you're getting burnt out or run down, slow up for a while and just don't try to write/work yourself to death. Step away from it all for a day or two - or week/month - and get rejuvenated. Come back with a fresh mind/eye, rested body, and loads of creativity!


stacey said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! It's about time you jumped into JHS!

Each baby step is just getting you ready for the big time. ;)

GO gettum, tiger!