Saturday, August 16, 2008

Help A Fellow Writer

Jenn Hollowell, whose book The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Home and Saving Thousands on Your New House comes out September 15, 2008, is working on her latest project. She's asking for quotes and anecdotes to consider for her new book, The WonderDads Handbook For Raising a Girl Ages 0-10: A Month-by-Month Look at What to Expect, Developmental Tips and Ideas for Activities. Here's what she wants:

1: One or two sentences about your 0-10 year old daughter. Example for a three month old, "My daughter did not transition well from bassinet to crib until we started playing a CD with ocean sounds." That sort of thing.
2: A one or two paragraph "this is what I experienced with my [insert age] daughter during this [insert event, activity, or milestone]" type of description that I can pull quotes or other reference material from.
This book is a guide for dads, but it doesn't necessarily have to be quoted by dads or first-person stories from dads. It's meant to serve as a go-to guide when things come up that confuse, frustrate, or perplex dads while raising their daughters alone, or with a co-parent.

Jenn has asked that some of us from AW spread the word. If you'd like to contribute to her research, if you have that perfect story or tip to share, clink on this AW link or visit her blog (link in her name above). I know she'd really appreciate it.



Joshua said...

neat, will try

Unknown said...

Thank you for your support - I appreciate this A LOT! ::big smiles::