Friday, August 27, 2010

Lost: One Voice

The safe return of my written voice.
Where can it be, do you know?
Is there a place the lost voices go?
It's been intermittent for so long now.
But I'd swear I had it just two days ago. Was I mistaken?
Have I done something wrong, did I drive it away again?
Maybe I've been fooled. Tricked. Led to think I can do this, but
maybe I can't.
It's just so unfortunate, so sad, and maddening, too,
because we had a good thing going, my voice and me. I was so sure.
And now, without it, blogging isn't the same.
Special projects are hard; inspiration is far.
My novel-writing is lame, flat, horrible. It's like
I can't
continue--though I've tried, oh, I've tried--because
nothing is cohesive without it.
I'm lost without my voice.
Still, I guess I won't give up hope.
Please, if you see it, won't you send it home to me?


Diane said...

This blog post sounded like you had it...... Maybe try something out of your norm to jump start your voice again.

Wendy Paine Miller said...

You swallowed it. It's in your gut. Spend enough time in quiet and stillness and it will sneak out of you, sliding out with a small word or a simple thought.

It shall return.
~ Wendy

Mary@GigglesandGuns said...

Maybe you're trying too hard. Go see something you enjoy--an art exhibit, a beautiful park or museum. These kinds of things are honey tea for the Voice.

Unknown said...

I'll be on the look out!

Purple Cow said...

Your "written voice" is right HERE. In this post. Under your don't bother seeking it. Infact the more you seek it, the harder it will be to find it as usually happens when looking for things we already have.

Amy Sue Nathan said...

It's resting and when it comes back, it'll be better than ever.

Indigo said...

It's there in the quiet recesses of you mind. Never fear your voice is as unique as you are. No one else could weild the weight and might of 'your' voice, but you.

I've been in this place of late with my own blog post and fear I'm not there in the words. (Hugs)Indigo

Jennifer said...

I agree with Mary. Go an immerse yourself in something you really enjoy. Perhaps antiquing. You may find something that will spark your imagination, and of course, your voice.

myletterstoemily said...

i detected a voice there. as sure as you
look hard, you won't find it. give it some
time and immerse yourself in something
for a bit.

before you know it, you will be voicing
about it.

Katie Ganshert said...

It must have crept back to you while writing that poem. Loved it!

Karen said...

Oh, it's there, I can see it hiding behind your words. Peeking out between sentences. Go play with the kids or dogs or go out in nature and just enjoy the moments. That voice will follow, wanting to play, too. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Sometimes it's a *real* blessing when those voices hide. You have to actively seek them out until they're convinced you'll really listen to them again. (Try reading back over your work ALOUD, and see if they don't tiptoe back in the room.) ;)

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Hi Janna -

Your voice is there, but your ears can't hear it. Cares, grief, problems take the edge off our awareness.

Listen to the sounds of nature, and the voice of God. Soon, you'll rediscover your own voice.

Susan :)

T. Powell Coltrin said...

I imagine your voice is mixed with the grief and confusion you might feel. Heavy hearts will squish the spirit. But I agree your voice is back with your poem.

Praying for your voice.


Deb Shucka said...

Judging from this, your voice isn't completely gone. Perhaps it's your heart that's weary right now, not your voice so much?

WendyCinNYC said...

You've only misplaced it for the summer months. I have the same problem.

patti said...

Oh, Janna, dear one, you can't lose your voice.
It's like your fingerprints.


Love you,

Travis Erwin said...

May it find its way home soon. My went on a bit of a journey but finally returned a few months back.