Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Dedicate This Song... To My WIP

Me and my work-in-progress--especially the first third or so--are stuck like glue. I try to get away, to work on more and other parts of the manuscript, but it keeps pulling me back in.

Writers, how do you keep yourself from revisiting one part too often?
Those who aren't writers but have work or projects of your own, what are your tricks for moving on?

**I'm not a country music fan (yep, this is a country duo), but this song is catchy, no? And what a cute video!


Jessica Nelson said...

I just force myself to move on. I tell myself that in writing, there's no such thing as perfect. :-) btw, I don't really listen to country but I do love this song!

Wendy Paine Miller said...

I get too anxious to see how the story will unfold. It's during edits that I get stuck to certain parts.

Great question. One I'll be thinking about today. How goes it with you, Jana?

~ Wendy

Melissa Amateis said...

Hahaha - I love that video!

When I'm stuck on a particular scene, I walk away for awhile - sometimes a few minutes, sometimes an hour, sometimes a few days. Distance seems to help.

Lynnette Labelle said...

Moving on? What does that mean? LOL Glad you like the pic on my blog. ;) How are you doing? Haven't chatted with you in a while.

Lynnette Labelle

Indigo said...

I'm desperately trying to ignore part one, or I'll never get through the rewrites. Sigh, I'm already aware I still need work on the first chapter. Sometimes we just have to put it aside and let time marinate our words until something settles between the lines. (Hugs)Indigo

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Umm... I don't have that problem. I guess I've gotten myself into the groove of Go Go Go that I don't spend much time on any one scene. I do, however, ponder scenes when I'm away from my computer until I resolve whatever's bothering me. That means actual face time with the wip is lower.

Angela Hood-Ross said...

I actually rush through reading aloud and only re-writing what causes me to pause. The one thing I get stuck on is going back and re-checking spelling and grammar. My husband is usually the one who tells me when it's time to submit or move on to another WIP :)

septembermom said...

I do jump off to another section of my writing. I have the tendency to over analyze a section. Once my head starts to hurt, I know that I have to stop for awhile.

Thanks for the video!!

Susan J. Reinhardt said...

Don't re-read it for the gazillionth time! Give yourself a break for a couple of weeks.

Susan :)

Barb said...

I'm stuck in the last third, so I used index cards to move ahead. Rather than write the rest of the story in linear fashion, I started writing what's-to-come on the cards, and it helped me break away from the current section I was stuck on. I found that even by putting a few bullet points on the cards, it propelled me into forward-thinking mode.

That video...what in the world?! LOL


Deb Shucka said...

I bribe myself (and my muse). If she'll only let me move on, I promise to come back soon and give her as much time in that one spot as she wants. Usually by the time I get back to that place, whatever held me there in the first place has resolved itself. Chocolate works, too.

June Kramin said...

Thanks for the song! It's adorable. I don't know where I saw it before. Gotta get it on my itouch :)