Sunday, June 9, 2019

Journey with Janna: finding JOY after abuse

From my Facebook advocacy page, Breaking the Silence for Women:

Dear Sister Survivors,
Breaking the Silence for Women was established to educate and empower women who are experiencing or have escaped domestic abuse.
What if, instead of working to "break the silence" for collective other women, I shifted gears to help individual women break their own?

Don't panic.
That doesn't mean you have to take on the task of telling your story... Instead, to me, it looks like fine-tuning my page content and coaching women to:
*define what healing means to you
*set goals to approach and maintain that healing
*understand self-worth and how to embrace yours
*learn how to be single after abuse to become self-empowered
*manifest the life you want and deserve
*find JOY despite everything (see NEW profile and cover photos)
To BREAK YOUR OWN SILENCE you must accept your past, take charge of your present, and shape + demand your future.
I promise to help you. PM the page inbox to learn more.
With you in healing and joy,

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