Saturday, August 31, 2019

Jiminy Pays a Visit

Recently I read a reminder that grasshoppers are good luck, and realized I hadn't seen one in ages.
On Thursday I spotted a GIANT one on the outside of my living room window.
Yesterday morning I woke to find a small one inside, resting high on the closet door in our front room. When he was still there last night after work, I decided to keep him and name him Jiminy. When he was still there this morning -- exact same place -- I realized he's probably terrified, and it's probably not good to keep a grasshopper indoors. So, I set him free.
As he hopped off my front stoop, he called over his shoulder, "Thank yoooouuuu, Janna! I'll put in a good word with Geppetto about that good luck you're duuuuueeeee."
You're welcome, Jiminy.
And thank YOU.

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