Wednesday, August 14, 2019

New Resident Log: Day Two

It's cozy here. Not real tidy at the moment, but homey none the less. I can overlook the dirty dishes.
I'm being very careful to exist with little to no lasting impact. Nobody likes a new roommate who isn't conscientious about that.
Janna doesn't know that I've been sleeping with her at night. (And she thinks that guy with the weird eye---she calls him Rooney---is the bed hog. If only she had a clue!) She talks in her sleep. Funny stuff.
She hasn't yet noticed that I shower when she does, which is only because water conservation is important. I'm sure she'll thank me later.
There are SO many books here. I wish I could read.
There might be just as many pairs of shoes, but since I've got eight legs I can't borrow any.
Okay, that's it for today's log. I can tell Janna is pretty drained, and I think she's headed for the couch. I hope we watch another episode of Law & Order, I like that show! BUH BUH! Ha.
Until tomorrow,
*Stanley is my real name, not The Biggest Spider I've Ever Seen, as Janna initially assumed.

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