Sunday, October 28, 2007


It's the first time I'm admitting it...

Writing this novel of mine is hard, hard, hard. I'm getting frustrated with the process. Once again I'm stuck. Afraid to move on because I might fail. As if what I've been building toward isn't going to have enough pay-off.

How do I get out of this slump? I pull up my current chapter and stare at the few pages I have on the screen. I see in my mind the characters, sitting there, having their conversation, and it's so boring. How do I move past it? How do I get to the next exciting part? How do I continue working toward the end I know is coming? I still believe in it; I still want to see it come together for my characters. I just can't get there. Does it mean I'm hopeless? Has part of me given up? I certainly hope not.

I've been heavily active in the writing forums over at AW. On some levels it's encouraging, on others it's discouraging, to find how many writers JUST LIKE ME there are out there. Yes, I still believe in myself, but what gaurantee do I have that an agent will represent me? That he/she will succeed in selling my book? That my words will actually be read by hundreds, thousands, millions of people? Is my goal unrealistic? Have my dreams gotten too lofty?



Anonymous said...

Holy crap, Im having the same problem...excpet mine is the BEGINNING of the book. I cant get past it. Just gott BIC for a while, I guess!

Teige Benson said...

Keep the faith!

My best advice, move on to a new scene - one that excites you and urges you to carry on. Once you're back in the groove, you can come back and fix the scene that isn't working.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Thanks, guys. I'll do my best to keep truckin'. :)

Anonymous said...

yep. that's all you have to do--keep truckin'. :)