Sunday, October 28, 2007

Don't You Hate It When...'re missing cash you can't account for? Yesterday I was given two twenties by a neighbor for whom my husband completed a task. I spent one, roughly, on a movie rental last evening and lunch for my girls and me today. Made it to Wal-Mart this afternoon, intending to snag my purchases with the remainder, only to find - once already at the cash register - my wallet was empty. The second $20 bill was gone. Hm.

There are two, maybe three, possibilities. Perhaps I gave the twenty along with or instead of the cash I thought I put in the collection plate at church this a.m. Maybe I was careless and misplaced or dropped it somewhere. It's not a usual occurence with money for me, but I've been known to do silly, mindless things (says she with the Mommy Brain who occasionally puts the gallon of milk in the glass cabinet). Or, what I like least, maybe someone raided my purse and took the $20. It could have happened but why, then, didn't they take the adjacent debit card? It just makes no sense. Of course I prefer the first scenario, but what's hard is not knowing what happened to that money.

Maybe, just maybe, it'll turn up.

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