Thursday, December 4, 2008

I Have a Fetish

With books, in general. But especially notebooks and journals. Does it have a fabulous cover? And blank, inviting pages? Then my fingers itch to touch it. And it shall be mine.

I carry them in my purse for shopping lists. I tuck them around the house, for easy access when a great thought bursts onto the scene. And, of course, I keep 'em at the ready near my computer. (I should also say they always - ALWAYS - end up with at least a few pages of preschooler doodles.)

Here's my current collection:

Some you see are filled with miscellaneous scribbles and jots. The two upper-right ones are the journals I fill with tidbits about my daughters' childhoods. The floral in the middle, top row, is the one someone personalized as a gift for me. And then the celery green and mauve-y books, together in the middle, along with the light blue (sandwiched in the corner between the two beefier blues), came as a packaged set from a hobby store. They're thin and smooth, with beautifully blank pages.

I am going somewhere with this.

The sandwiched blue one is the new home to some very crucial notes for my WIP. After yesterday's post about whether or not I should outline, I decided I'd make an effort. Especially after Jenna suggested maybe I was turned off by the word "outline," and the connotation it came to have through years of school papers and reports, not the actual output of one. Call it a blueprint! she said.

And so I am. The little notebook is perfect. Thus far I'm designating one page for each chapter, for key points. (Those will be written along with the book, as I see where each chapter will take me. So it's kind of outlining, kind of not.) The margins are already being stuffed with things I'll need to keep in mind down the line. And I started writing a character sketch for the main character, as well.

It pleases me. And not just because I'm using an adorable notebook.

Do you have a (healthy) fetish?


Terri Tiffany said...

I have that same fetish!! I love journals and notebooks and could buy everyone I see!! Love your pile.
So you aren't going to think of an outline as an outline? Good thinking. I know we need some sort of plan so maybe if it isn't too detailed you can manage:)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Notepad fetishers unite! But, sad to say, I have just as many squiggles and loose papers. :) It's great to have your WIP in one little notebook, which will enable you to record random thoughts as they happen, so they don't get lost!

Anonymous said...

Yes! I'm not the only one! I've got more notebooks than I shake a stick at yet they just keep appearing at my house (my fault entirely). I like strange, plain and especially those that are on sale. Speaking of which, right before school started for my son they were having sales at Staples. 10 one subject notebooks for .99 cent. .99 cent! I bought like 3 ten packs. (I already had empty notebooks sitting in my office that had yet to be touched.) Since then I've sworn that I can't buy another notebook until each one has been filled. It's so sad isn't it? Now pens.. that's a whole other matter! *smile*

Linda Hoye said...

Not only notepads, but anything and everything in a stationary store. I could spend hours in Office Depot looking at the pens, pencils, books and cute little sticky pads!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I heart pretty notebooks. I only have one blank one right now that my girlfriend brought me and I don't want to mark the pages! It's so pretty!

I love the idea of a blueprint. Very convenient you had a blue notebook available. :)

Barb Davis said...

Lots! Books, notebooks in every color and style, cookbooks (once I owned over 600), music CD's, movie DVD's....I'm better stop. I'm getting tired just thinking about it!

Joanne said...

Yes. Chocolate!!! And lingering over coffee with a friend! :)

WendyCinNYC said...

I have a fetish about loose leaf tea. I probably have 40 different containers of tea in my pantry from all over the world. Right now I'm drinking a white tea I bought in Chinatown. At least, I HOPE it's tea. I can't read the label.

I also love spices.

Melissa Amateis said...

Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE office supplies of any kind - journals, notebooks, paper, pens! I just bought a new journal last night and it took me forever to pick out just the right one.

And yes, a blueprint is a good way to think of it. :-)

Janna Leadbetter said...

Terri - Good way to look at it, don't you think? Makes it much more manageable in my mind.

Angie - I'm hoping I can keep this one away from my girls. No doodles allowed! :)

Cel - What a steal! I love snapping up notebooks at back-to-school time, too.

Linda - Suddenly I feel an urge to visit Office Max! ;)

Melanie - Just one won't do! You better keep your eyes open for another. :)

Barbara - Whew! You've winded me!

Joanne - Yes, of course! Most excellent fetishes, milady. :D

Wendy - *shudders* Ew. And that a whole lotta tea!

Melissa - I love how they're small, inexpensive things we can treat ourselves to, you know?

Anonymous said...

Could writers have the same fetish??? I love notebooks, all kinds. My daugther on the other hand carries off my pens...but I have plenty of notebooks! I love pink notebooks with very feminine pics...especially roses.

About the outlines "blueprints". You are doing the way I did for NaNo. One page per chapter. And I only wrote notes for the next chapter as I finished the previous one. Of course I did a small sketch of where I would like the story to go, but like I said make take a direction all on its own. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

That's an insane amount of notebooks but hey, to each his/her own! I like the idea of a blueprint. It makes it much easier to deal with.

My fetish is for gadgets, which is an expensive hobby.

Jessica Nelson said...

I do love notebooks. And journals. Usually I'm able to keep from buying them. I love the idea of writing about your kids in one. I should do that.
Blueprint sounds good too. Outline makes me cringe.

Rachel Burton said...

I love notebooks too. I have one that a friend brought me from Romania years back that's bound in leather with this cool antique-y design on the front. It was my college diary, but I still keep it out to look at it. (though I cringe at what's written on some of the pages)

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Janna, you just gave me an idea of what to do with my one notepad!

Anonymous said...

Cute post! I actually don't have a fetish, but after seeing all of those cute notebook, I may develop one! ;)

Janna Leadbetter said...

Ang - Seriously, I'm wondering the same thing! We should do a poll.

Aaron - It must be a man thing. That's what misterwrites enjoys, too. Harumph.

Jessica - Thanks for stopping by! I do recommend the kid journal thing. Started it when I was pregnant with each girl, but there's no wrong time to do it. I hope they'll appreciate the books when they're older. :)

Rachel - That sounds gorgeous! Will you post a picture of it somewhere?

Melanie - ;) I aim to please.

Turkey - Start small, though. Run to Wally World and get you one or two. See how it feels, and then expand away! :D

Anonymous said...

oh, such pretties! I hope outlining works for you, Janna, I kinda do both!! One of mine, tea.. I buy lots of tea!

Joshua said...

this is a great one. one the few fetish's that doesn't involve the possibilty of jail time or chapped thighs......yeah.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Kimmi - So far my method is doing great! And we have another tea drinker!

Josh - :P

Natasha Fondren said...

Well, that depends on what you call healthy! I have many fetishes. :-)

I love those pretty notebooks, especially with the smooth, shiny paper. Problem? I love them so much, I cannot bring myself to write in them. It's TERRIBLE. I don't want to ruin them!

I used to make a journal entry in them, with as neat handwriting as I could manage, and then the notebook would lose its magic.

So now I collect them and pet them and imagine all the possibilities they hold. It's kinda like buying a lottery ticket and never checking the numbers so you can keep on fantasizing.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Spy - Depending on which notebook it is, I suffer from that same predicament!