Friday, December 12, 2008


I have Christmas presents on my mind...

I got a little shopping done a few months ago, put a decent dent into what I need yesterday, and have a trip planned with my mom today. How exciting is it to seek out the perfect gift for a loved one? It puts such a spring in my step. (Though, to be fair, any kind of shopping does that.)

And a present came for me! Kind of, anyway. I'd ordered a book for myself, and it was delivered yesterday. But I'll wrap it, mark it from Santa, and no one will ever be the wiser. Mum's the word, alright?

I'm excited to open this one; it looks to have some good stuff, by good writers. Yippee!


While we likely agree there's much more to Christmas than gifts, it can be fun to think about what our family and friends may get us. What did you ask for this year?


Terri Tiffany said...

Your book looks really good!
What did I ask for this year? Don't get me started (lol) I wanted a visit from my daughter and grandson but not to be.So second on my list is that I can enjoy the day with some friends that I have invited over for a meal. Now I KNOW I will get that wish!!:)
Have fun shopping!

ChristaCarol Jones said...

Hm, I may have to check on getting that book! I love Christmas shopping, too. I'm practically done. Yippee!

As for me, I asked for some books and then some random this or that stuff that's more practical than wanted. But that's me. I know if it isn't something I'm going to need or use on a "quite a bit" basis, it's silly of me to ask for it (because it becomes a waste of space). I love opening presents, but oddly I think I might love buying them more. There's just something about shopping I love (it's the one time of year I get to do it a whole bunch!)

Anonymous said...

My Christmas present will actually be bought after Christmas. My husband is getting me a brand new "pink" laptop! I can't wait. But most importantly, we are going to see my husband's grandparents in Ohio. We only get to go every other year and we are both so excited.

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I've only asked for books. My parents are coming in January and will be bringing gifts then. I'm sure my mom will sneak something else in, but I'm happy with the books.

The one you've picked out looks great!

Melissa Amateis said...

Ooh! That looks like a good book. I'm always on the prowl for new writing books.

I had trouble coming up with a list this year. I really have all that I need. I don't want little knick knacks and stuff that just adds clutter. Books, movies, and CDs are always a good thing for me, though.

Joanne said...

I've only got a little shopping left too. That's when I like it best, the small extra stuff I pick up as the Holiday nears. I've got books on my list too, hopefully helping the Buy A Book Campaign going on now. And I'd like a coat, one for everyday running around.

Kelly said...

Love how your mind works! Wrapping your own presents-- its brilliant! My hubby might notice if I did that with my most wished for gift though. A personal cutter called Cricut (awesome scrapbooking tool). He knows I want it and I know he missed the great sale the day after Thanksgiving. :P

WendyCinNYC said...

I didn't ask for anything. How boring!

Anonymous said...

Nice! That looks like a fun (and infomative) book!

Santa is bringing my present tomorrow. I can't wrap her.. she might chew through the wrapping paper. :)

Angie Ledbetter said...

Great gift book. So glad it's yours to unwrap and savor. I got my early Christmas yesterday - snow! I asked my kids to write me letters b/c I'm corny like that. :)

Jewel Allen said...

I told my husband a gift card, so I can go pick out my own clothes. :-) But he's not a fan of gift cards so most likely he won't get me this.

As alternate ideas, I asked for:

a gumball machine (I am MAD for gumballs)
pink slippers
Keith Urban CD
Dirks Bentley CD (but I don't think his CD comes out until Feb)

Anonymous said...

Your book looks good, but I'd have to read it and then only wrap it. I'm terrible that way.

I'm asking FringeMan to build me something for Christmas. We'll see. This is the least fun thing he can think of doing.

Happy Shopping!

Anonymous said...

I asked for the carpets to get cleaned. Boring, I know, but it needs to be done! I think I am getting glasses instead! We are almost done shopping. I have a lot of wrapping to do.


Robin said...

I'm asking for a Kindle, since I somehow became this "indie" crusader, and all my indie cronies have books you can easily download onto Kindle from Amazon. Plus, my house looks like a bookstore! This should clean things up, some.

Anonymous said...

I've already bought two books, but I'd like something warm--fleece to get me through the winter. :D

Hope you had fun shopping--got a little done myself today. And I mailed off a boxed Christmas gift and forgot to put two of the presents in it: chocolate homemade candies and eye cream. Sooo, I'm munching on someone's chocolates, and spreading on eye wrinkle cream... could a girl ask for anything more?! :D

Janna Leadbetter said...

Terri - We had a great time shopping!

ChristaCarol - As of yesterday, I'm practically done, too! :P

Ang - That's so exciting!

Melanie - I asked for a lot of books, too. What I don't get, I'll likely buy after the holiday.

Melissa - I've become that way, too, tweaking my requests over the last few years.

Joanne - I agree, those last minute ones can be fun. Unless it stretches too far from adrenaline into being overwhelmed! :)

Kelly - I hope he gets on the ball! ;)

Wendy - Maybe that means you'll get the best gifts!

Turkey - Yay! She's so adorable.

Angie - Not corny, classic. :) I think that's great.

Jewel - Fun list!

Fringegirl - You'll have to post pictures if you do get a homemade gift.

Heather - Ack! You did?! But I guess if that's what you really want.

Robin - Welcome! Sounds like you could definitely use fewer paperbacks lying around. ;)

wwww - Oh man, I love fleece! Hope you get some. And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Janna Leadbetter said...

Kimmi! You're wwww? Your ID popped up in a weird way. How funny!

Barb Davis said...

My gift is going to be a Barbie Pink "beach cruiser" bike. I can hardly wait to ride it wearing a flashy silk scarf and big white sunglasses...and, of course, I'll be wearing my pedal pushers.

Anonymous said...

Well, how in the world did I come up www?? Sounds like a song, lol!!!

Gonna try again, Janna make sure it comes up correct.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Barbara - I really do want to see you on that bike. Pictures!

Kimmi - You're golden. :)

colbymarshall said...

I asked for a couple of DVDs and a couple books...always the same, something to add to the ole library :-)

Jen said...

Oh wow, what a cool book! I really would love to go to that conference, too. One of my goals is to be accepted, as a matter of fact. Shhhhhh! Uh, oops. LOL

Anyway, my husband and I gave each other our Christmas gifts last month. He got the new WoW Litch King game, and I got all those lovely books. So, I'm happy with that. :)

Natasha Fondren said...

Ooh, I looked through that, and it's good one! I hope you enjoy!

I got my Kindle for my birthday, and it was partly a Christmas present. Plus I've been saving up for it for a year. :-)

Rachel Burton said...

I hopeless at thinking up presents, both for myself and others. (and trying to come up with something for my husband is the worst; I'm staring at what could be fifty years of birthdays, Christmases, anniversaries and Valentine's and shaking in my boots) But I do love thinking of something perfect for someone and watching them open it.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Colby - I love adding to the library!

Jen - Oh, I hope that for you, too! And you're not the first who's mentioned early Christmas presents.

Spy - So much talk about the Kindle these days. I just want to hold one in my hands, and see if it feels as good as a thick paperback! ;)

Rachel - You poor dear; I don't envy you. Do you family and friends give you lists with ideas? Some help would be nice, I'll bet. :)

Unknown said...

I keep a running wish list at Amazon. Whenever I hear about a book or CD that sounds interesting, I just add it to the list. Tim almost always gets me at least a couple of books from my list each year.
Other than that, I usually ask for my Shoe-a-day calendar...and this year I asked for a fancy new water bottle to replace my battered bottle I take to the club when I exercise.

I've got some tough folks to buy gifts for, though. What do you get for people who have everything? :P

Janna Leadbetter said...

Dommy - I hear you! My parents are that way; they don't need anything, and typically buy what they want. Doesn't help a girl out in the least.

Thanks for stopping by!