Monday, November 12, 2007

BLTs, Bruised Arms, and Box Elder Bugs

Curse the bugs.

I merrily plunk away at the keyboard, adding words to my chapter. I get through the dinner scene and a bug dive bombs my head. I flick it away and move on to a character's fall down the stairs. Two bugs meet each other on the monitor and walk across my freshly-typed sentence. Argh.

These suckers are everywhere! We've had warmer weather than is usual for this time of year. That, coupled with whatever it is about our house that allows easy entry, makes for over-population of Box Elder Bugs. They look like ladybugs, only they're orange-y in color and have wings that unfold from their bums. They fly, they hover, they crawl. They try to eat my snack, drink my water, and pile on the bathroom counter. I've swept up nearly two pounds of them. Thanks heavens they're not flying spiders.

Pardon me. I must scrape the bug carcus from between the "r" and "t" and finish my paragraph...


Teige Benson said...

Sorry to hear about your bug problem. I had that problem myself over the weekend - but the bugs in question were not Box Elders - but kids.

Janna Leadbetter said...

lol! Mine can be pesky at times, too. Whatever will we do?