Monday, November 12, 2007

Movin' Right Along

I'm actually making progress. Who would've thought that making an outline for the last third of my book would help? Not me. I'm not an outline sort of person. I don't want to feel bound to anything I sketch out in advance, or feel like I'm writing without really doing the true work. But at an acquaintance's suggestion I quickly jotted down where I wanted chapter 13 to go... and viola, I finished it! So, now I trudge ahead with notes for each chapter from here on out.

I've always said (in reference to my novel) that I would just write until the story's told. I still feel that way, though I've outlined what appears to be enough for 23 chapters. We'll see how much gets changed as I move forward. Undoubtedly there will be unexpected details that creep in, and surely I'll have some tweaking to do. But I'm looking ahead, ready to get this puppy done.

For today, though, I'm taking a slight break. Leaving the girls with Hubby and escaping for a day with a couple of friends. Lunch out and some shopping are just what this mama needs. But I'll write more later. Promise.

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Teige Benson said...

Glad to hear the outline is working for you.

I'm trying to work off a very loose outline this time around and it seems to be working okay - but I definitely need some sort of outline to mark my way through.

Happy writing.