Saturday, November 3, 2007

Color Me Embarrassed (An Update)

It turns out last night's dinner party was... nothing more than a dinner party. So glad I mentioned my thoughts of it being a surprise birthday get-together to only my husband. And everyone on blogger.

I feel really silly for having read more into comments than was actually there. I let my writer's mind get carried away (we all have grand imaginations, no?), complete with notions of decorations, surprise guests, and yummy dessert in my honor. *sigh* I have to admit, rather sheepishly, I was disappointed. But the dinner party was fun for what it was: a casual gathering of a few friends for food. And in a week's time my birthday will have passed as any other day.

As for today, my flu symptoms are worse. I'm trying to figure out how to get through the day with Hubby MIA and my two daughters running freely, not to mention what I'll do about big family plans for this evening. Wish me luck.

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Teige Benson said...

Ah, but that's the fun of being a writer - you should have sat there imagining the grand birthday party thrown in your honor :)

Hope you feel better soon.