Saturday, December 8, 2007

It Can Be Done

So on this, the same day I posted about motivation and finding a balance, I had a quite successful afternoon and evening. I managed to kick myself in gear to: do housework (dishes, laundry, straightening), whip out my next column (!), rid the refrigerator of its rancid leftovers (never my strong suit), play computer games with my oldest, snuggle with my youngest, fix a homemade dinner of meatloaf and the fixin's, and pick up where I'd left off (months ago) in reading John Warner's Fondling Your Muse. Whew! And, blessedly, the day's not over yet. I just wanted to have a looksee at my favorite sites and post this update. Shortly, I'll be moving on to bake chocolate chip cookies (seriously, how can one go wrong with that?) and join my daughers in the veiwing of whichever installment of The Santa Claus is on t.v. tonight. Whew!

Have a blessed night!


Teige Benson said...

Family is so important to us - we should always remember to always put them first.

On a side note - and this goes with your productive day - it just seems that our most productive days are the ones when we're balancing everything else. If I have the full day to myself to write - I don't get much done. Now, if I only have a couple hours in which to spend, those couple hours produce much more work.

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Good for you! Sometimes getting the small details out of the way (housework) let you enjoy the rest without feeling neglectful. I'm glad you were able to accomplish a lot, that always helps me get inspired.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Thanks, guys. I appreciate your encouragement.

Amy Mullis said...

Okay, what with the meatloaf and chocolate chip cookies, I almost forgot why I came. I love this post--it's so important to keep our priorities in order.

P.S. You've been tagged. It's all Wordsmith's fault, but you can check out the Offical Rules at C'mon, you know the way!