Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tuesday's Stuff and Things

Usually on this day each week, I tell you about whatever's on my mind. It's often a jumble of things, from stressors at home and activities for my day to my writer's life and goals or statuses.

But today I want to know about your stuff and things.

Do you have a random thought you want share? Or a thought weighing heavy on your mind?

What's up with you this Tuesday?


Anonymous said...

I am sitting at my desk (at my "real" job) wishing I was home writing.

My random thought: I wished I could write that top selling novel so me AND my husband could retire early. But I have to say, I am blessed to have a wonderful job and great friends everywhere.

Melanie Hooyenga said...

My pressing thought is my husband has cabin fever again and is daydreaming about what else we can do, like working on a cruise ship. ;) He's serious, and I did look into it, but it's not (lol) very practical for couples.

Travis Erwin said...

As usual I am pondering my writing. The humorous memoir proposal I'm working on, my latest women's fiction novel, and the blog series I've been writing on the greatest life altering experience of my life.

Jen said...

I'm dreading a trip to the dentist. I have to take Jase as well as the other boys. He's a special needs dentist (named Michael Meyers, can you imagine? What was I thinking?!), but it's going to be just awful, and I know it.


Okay, I feel better now. :D Hope you're having a good Tuesday, Janna.

Terri Tiffany said...

LOL You really don't want to know!! :)) I am debating whether to try for my borker's license or not...ugh.

Melissa Amateis said...

I'm at the "real" day job, too, wishing I could be at home, listening to NPR, writing, or working on my writing goals. Just something involving writing and I'd be happy.

My random thoughts include what in the heck to have for lunch, whether or not I should sneak a chocolate in before lunch, and if I should go work out at my new fitness club tonight. Hmmm...I think all three of those are tied together!

ChristaCarol Jones said...

Well, I'm sitting at my local coffee shop preparing to try and focus on what I need to write. I'd like to write a new blog about taking life for granted, I also need to work on an e-article, and my query letter, and my synopsis. So I'm a bit unfocused and frenzied about what to start first. I'm also worried about our future, seeing as my husbands job just cut more than half his budget, and we have a new kid coming in January. Life's gonna be tough for a while.

Hope your week is going great Janna!

WendyCinNYC said...

I'm having lots of drama with my kid's Sunday school teacher. That's right SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. One who should, theoretically, be a sweet little lady. Not so! She yells (screams!)at the kids and is an all-around bully.

So, I guess my random thought is:

Would one go to hell for fighting with a Sunday school teacher?

'Cause if that's the case, I'd better bring some sunscreen.

Anonymous said...

My ear has been ringing for two weeks.

We are thinking about adding a dog to our family.

We need to paint our family room. Ugh!.. not a fan of painting!

I need to fix up my eldest for picture day.

I only had 4 hours of sleep due to excessive reading.

I should probably squeeze in some Yoga today too.

:) *Thinks maybe she should do her Tuesday's Ten on my random thoughts.* LOL

Melanie Hooyenga said...

Janna, can I respond to the people on your blog? I almost took over for a second, lol.

Travis, I'm LOVING your series. It's very brave of you to share it.

Wendy, I think it's all in HOW you fight with the SS teacher. :)

Turkey, I think as long as you don't do all those things simultaneously, you'll be fine. *pictures puppy hair in wet pain that ends up on daughter's school-picture clothes*

Lucia said...

I was wondering, honestly, when will Charlie Brown ever learn that Lucy will snatch away the football? Probably b/c I'm still working on my novel. So close and yet so far. But like Charlie, one's gotta have hope.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Ang, that's great! Not everyone can say they enjoy their job.

Melanie - Part of me thinks that'd be so fun. I'd sing aboard a cruise ship!

Travis - You're doing great!

Jen - Ugh. I don't envy you. I hope the dentist goes (went) okay.

Terri - Let us know what you decide, and best of luck!

Melissa - Dare I admit? I've been sneaking bites of fudgy brownie all day. Shh... don't tell anyone...

Christa - Wow, that's a lot of thought! I hope everything works out for you and hubby. And good luck with your list of writing projects.

Wendy - Yikes! Doesn't sound pleasant at all. I full well believe such people are put in our lives to test us. And then others I just have to avoid...

Turkey - I agree with Melanie! LOL. Just take it one thing at a time. :)

Absolutely, Melanie. It's all good. ;)

rightonmom - That's one of those great questions of all time. Will we ever know the answer? Will Charlie Brown ever figure it out?

Anonymous said...

I'm mourning the fact that I just spent $66 dollars at the doctors because my daughter has bad allergies...that's so lame. I know, I'm thankful it's nothing worse.

I'm also thinking that I decorate for the holidays like a pre-schooler.

Finally I'm procrastinating. I'm a pro at that. I need my house clean for morning, but doubt it's going to happen. The Mom's In-Touch group that meets here will be dissappointed (sp?).

You shouldn't have asked! Sorry, I can't spell. Usually Dictionary.com is my best friend, but I'm too tired.

Angie Ledbetter said...

Lots of errands today for myself and my parents. Way behind on "stuff." Planning my Wednesday Writing post and reading my regular blogs with relish.

PS to Terri -- I think you'd make an excellent borker. *grin*

Joanne said...

Actually went Christmas shopping today, and did a little blogging!

BiPolar Wife said...

Hmmm...thinking that as usual, there is too much to do and too little time in which to do it!

Have Christmas on my mind. Three teenagers = hard to buy for.

My fav radio station is already playing 24/7 Christmas songs. My husband can't yet take all that cheeriness so it goes on when he leaves for work. Ah, my secret life revealed!

Barb Davis said...

This has NOT been a good week so far. Yesterday the tree trimmers had to cut my big ancient walnut tree almost in half because of disease and today our favorite buffet restaurant closed for good without warning. Boy, things are changing too fast!!!!

Rachel Burton said...

Today's purpose was deciding what to do about turkey for fifteen people on Sunday night. Fresh or frozen? How many pounds? Cheap grocery or Whole Foods?

In case you're wondering I went 14.5 lbs, frozen, free-range, Whole Foods ($1.69/lb, their cheapest option). So I can rest assured that I'll be eating a turkey who roamed free and may have enjoyed his life before winding up on my dinner table.

Now I'm trying to decide whether to begin thawing in the fridge tonight or wait until tomorrow.

Voila. My Tuesday's Stuff and Things...

Janna Leadbetter said...

Fringegirl - I hope your daughter can get some relief! And I'm shocked at what you say about your holiday decor; you seem to decorate your home in such great ways!

Angie - It's amazing how all that "stuff" adds up, huh?

Joanne - Wow! Great for you! I've done very little in the way of Christmas shopping. Trying to get this last week(ish) of remodeling done, then we're taking a holiday break. THEN I'll be able to do my shopping.

MichaƩle - Oh, I don't think I'm ready for Christmas music yet, either!

Barbara, what a stinky, stinky week. I hope it turns around for you!

Rachel - I commend you for tackling the turkey. I couldn't do it. I hope everything goes off without a hitch!

Jewel Allen said...

Clogged today to Walking on Sunshine. I feel like one fine mama. :-)

Joshua said...

I am pondering the meaning of life as it relates to Chaos Theory and what it implicates.....but then again I might be thinking about BBQ chicken wings...same playing field.

Janna Leadbetter said...

Pink - That ROCKS! What an awesome thing. :)

Josh - *snort* ROFLMBO!

Joshua said...

your my favorite cousin Janna :)