Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Business Is Booming!

Okay, so perhaps it's more like squeaking. Oh, how I love the sound of squeaks in the afternoon... But word of my services is getting out, and I've been approached for a smattering of jobs. (To view the details of my business click here or use the link over there -->, under important sites)

One exciting project is the critiquing of (part of) a mystery/suspense manuscript. I've kept busy with it the last couple of days, working on its format and flow, and hope to get my final review done this evening. The client has been great to work with, which makes my job that much more enjoyable.

I'm also stoked about creating a business name and slogan/tagline for someone. My ideas have been met with enthusiasm thus far, and I'm eager to give her my full list of suggestions later this week. She also plans to use my services down the line, for editing of pamphlets and other forms of advertising. So fun!

On another front, just yesterday I received the novel I'll be reviewing online in April. It sits next to me right now, begging me to pick it up. Soon, paperback, soon...

Then, of course, there's my own WIP, individual of Something She Wrote. I didn't get the chance to work on it at all yesterday, but I'll pull it up later and see what I can do.

*squeak squeak*

ETA: Anybody know what the deal is with the format on Blogger? Sometimes it chooses to double-space me, other times it's single-spaced. My post about Sally, my new Alphasmart, included both. *shrugs* By golly! It just did it again!

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