Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scads Of Dresses And A Man Named James

My sisters-in-law and I, along with a close friend of the family, had a kid- and man-free evening out last night (just a while ago, in fact, since it's just after midnight). First we took our time lolling and chatting over dinner, then we hit the movie theatre for a showing of 27 Dresses. FA.BU.LOUS.

Katherine Heigl, whom I've not seen in anything before (though I do know she's a regular on Grey's Anatomy) was outstanding as a beyond-likable, selfless woman I'd befriend any day. (Not to mention, her character had THE BEST wardrobe.) Much kudos to her.

The primary male character opposite her was played by James Marsden and, can I just say?, I'm kinda crushin' on him. And it's about flippin' time he got a lead role. Can we pause for a moment of silence, in honor and/or celebration of James?


Well done. And guess what? He's a writer in the film! Perked my ears right up. And my chest puffed a bit, too, so as to give off the "I'm a writer, too" signal. Too cool.

So anyway, this blog seems very random and atypical (probably because it's late and I've had two glasses of Dr Pepper and an iced mocha), but I just had to share. And I highly recommend the movie.


Rebecca Laffar-Smith said...

I'm looking forward to watching that movie. I just need a few child free hours and I'm all over it. I'm even more interested to hear one of the main characters is a writer. I always love to watch movies that include writerly lifestyles. Of course, I wish there were more that were realistic. Why are all these writers we watch or read about so successful?

Still, "27 Dresses" sounds like a great movie. I'll have to make an effort to offload the kids on someone so I can see it before it's too late. :-)

Janet said...

Tag! You're it!

And I'm glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...
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