Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So Much For That...

We had a day's roadtrip planned, for Hubby to deliver both a van and trailer he sold. The girls and I were riding along, excited about a trip to a large mall (can you tell how little we get out?) and a visit to an aunt and uncle. We awoke to 6-8 inches of snow, which we half knew to expect, but Hubby thought we'd trudge along in his 4x4 Ford anyway. I took along several of my notebooks and materials, intent on catching up with my writing, using good old-fashioned paper and pen. I was set.

It took us 45 minutes to get 15 miles up the interstate. Semis and their trailers were parked (or wrecked) on all sides of the road, and it was when visibility became a quarter-of-a-mile that we called it and headed back home.

I'm relieved, as I didn't want to end up stranded like the truckers, but disappointed our outing was canceled. And I was really looking forward to knocking out some work. (Too many distractions at home this week.) But it does feel good to be hibernating at home. Naptime is soon, so I'll may get some writing accomplished yet.

Happy Snow Day!

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Michele said...

Aw, sorry you didn't get to take your trip, Janna. :'(

I wanted to let you know I finished my 123 meme you tagged me for. It's live now. :-)

Have a smashing Sunday!