Monday, February 18, 2008

New Ideas For The Back Burner

I spent some much-needed time with two friends today. During the lunch we shared, one told me she'd had a dream a few nights ago. In the dream she seemed an outsider, as we've all likely experienced before. A story unfolded in front of her and, subconsciously, she told herself, "I have to tell Janna of this. What a great book idea!" And as she relayed the dream to me, I had to agree. I absorbed all she could recall and quickly jotted down the most pertinent details. Maybe someday I can transform her dream into a novel.

It makes me feel good, as a writer, to place new ideas on the back burner. It means my inspiration and imagination are still intact, and I enjoy looking ahead to the publication of my current novel (it WILL happen!) with the reassurance that there's work to be done afterward.


The family and I'll be taking a short roadtrip over the next couple of days (yup, the one we had to reschedule due to snowy blizzards). As always, I'll be armed with my notebooks and pens, and I hope to do some handwritten work on the WIP... Which leads me to believe it's time to invest in an AlphaSmart, a magical word processor that weighs 2 lbs and lives on batteries for up to a year. Write on the go, then plug it into your PC at home, adding the new stuff to your WIP. Oh man, am I coveting one (I use that term 'coveting' loosely).

Sure, a laptop would do so much more, as my husband points out. But doesn't it stand to reason that a laptop would provide more distractions? And just look at how cute and compact the bugger is. One day, AlphaSmart, you will be mine. Oh yes, you will be mine.


Michele said...

Aw, here's to that new AlphaSmart, Janna! You so deserve it! May it come soon. :-)

Enjoy your trip!


Thanks for your comment on my blog, your nice words, and for congratulating me on my recent win. I've already cashed it in at Amazon and the books are on their way. I'll be posting about which ones I ordered soon!

Melanie Hooyenga said...

I'm starting to covet the AlphaSmart, too. And not because of the pretty color. :D I love my desktop but it would be nice to not be anchored down.