Friday, February 22, 2008

Fruition Will Be Mine!

The progress I've made on Bliss Lake in the last two days elates me. I've added 1500 words to my ms, all around other duties, within 24 hours. Yippee! I'm now at a total of, roughly, 39000 words. And since a novel needs a minimum of 60k, I'm not too terribly far from my mark. Yippee!

I feel as inspired and motivated as I did back in the first stages of this project. When the scenes were fresh and flowing, and they poured from somewhere in my brain, through my fingertips onto the Word document in front of me. Almost without my realizing the depth of the details being created. I've found it again. Yippee! (I've SO got to work on the echo in here.)

But that's it for now. My daughters' hungry bellies are calling for dinner (literally!) and I have many chores to get done. We'll be off again tomorrow, this time for a family gathering in Nebraska. If my evening goes well, I'll pull the ms up again tonight, and get the last bit of notes from the Chicago trip fleshed out.

Just one more time, for good measure. Yippee!